About Dunster Beach Holidays Limited

Dunster Beach Holidays Ltd was established by shareholders on 22nd May 1965 to secure 41 acres of coastal land plus approximately 440 acres of foreshore that had once been part of the country estate owned by the Luttrell family of Dunster Castle. Land and property now owned by the Company includes the foreshore and beach, the car park and toilet facilities, the mobile refreshment kiosk, the office/café and all other non-privately owned buildings, equipment, and infrastructure on the site. The Hawn lake is leased by the Company from its owners.

230 privately owned residential chalets are positioned on the land maintained by the Company. The owner of each chalet is also the holder of a single share in Dunster Beach Holidays Ltd.  Upon the sale of a chalet, the new owner also purchases the share. This establishes title and right to vote at Company meetings.  A Licence Fee, which includes the cost of insurance for each chalet and the Company, is levied annually on owners to defray the cost of running the site and for its maintenance and development. A proportion of the annual licence fee is put towards the cost of sea defences that help protect the site for shareholders and visitors to enjoy. There is expectation that shareholders and visitors will adhere to all the Company’s rules.

Under the constitution directors are democratically elected by shareholders at the AGM.  The directors, who give their time voluntarily, are responsible for the management of Company business; they make the strategic and operational decisions and ensure the Company meets its statutory obligations.

The Company has a team of highly valued employees. They work to secure and enhance all the special qualities of Dunster beach that shareholders and visitors cherish. The general manager, a primary channel of communication between the Company, shareholders and visitors, works closely with the directors and is accountable for the management of day-to-day operations on the beach.


The Company Objectives are to: –

  • Provide chalet owners with the comfort and security of knowing their property is managed to the highest level of professionalism and integrity.
  • Promote the preservation of the historical and natural features, including the plant and animal life of the site.
  • Implement working practices that lower the environmental impact of the site. Manage and seek to maintain the beach’s resilience to coastal erosion and flooding.
  • Be a reputable equal opportunities employer with a reputation for developing and supporting its staff.
  • Provide high quality accessible services such as chalet rental management, the shop, café, launderette and general amenities and surrounds.