Dunster Beach, South West Coast Path, Cycleway & Parking


Dunster Beach welcomes everyone and hopes you enjoy a stroll on our beach, or a walk along the South West Coast Path which is accessible from our car park.


Dunster Beach is private property but we do have a public car park. If you are a regular visitor you can purchase a long-term ticket for the carpark for under 20p per day. A real bargain.


The public area of the beach is as you enter the car park and there is no access to parking beyond the start of the Chalets. You are very welcome to walk down through the Chalets as it is quite a nostalgic trip . . .


We are extremely worried and concerned by the amount of parking on the side of the road in Sea Lane. Whilst this cannot currently be stopped it does create a hazard, effectively bringing the lane down to a single track.


There have been several ‘near-miss’ accidents involving children and pets when trying to pass this line of cars. The lane is also now busier as it forms part of the Cycleway to Minehead. Is it worth the risk for the sake of a couple of pounds?


Please use the car park. The Beach is privately owned and does have a cost to keep it nice for everyone. We spend thousands of pounds a year on sea defences to keep ‘a beach’. There are no grants for this, and using the car park, buying a day or season ticket, helps us with this cost. Your co-operation with this would really help and keep everyone a lot safer too. Thank you.