Being able to gaze up at the night sky and view stars and constellations is a magical past time.

We have been striving to reduce light pollution at the site, so that those with an interest in star gazing can find more spaces to lie back and gaze to the heavens.

Light pollution also affects and disrupts wildlife. Moths for example are affected by light pollution and are key pollinators.


Dark skies matter

Exmoor National Park became Europe’s first International Dark Sky Reserve in 2011. As we sit on the edge of Exmoor, it was something that we wanted to get involved in and promote.


So if you are coming to stay at the beach, you can hire a telescope or binoculars, find a spot (we’ll help you), fill up a flask and lie back and star gaze to your hearts content. We’ll even loan you a couple of blankets, just in case you get a bit chilly.


We have lots of literature in reception for new star watchers.


Coming to the Dark Skies Festival? Then book a chalet and stay awhile. Bookings can be made by clicking on the link Chalets to let